eighty four : great art from sketchy beginnings

the amazing inspirational bicycle buddha Carmen Mills created this poster     based on my  sketchy fever art Carmen is a fabulous designer and my heart is tingly for this chance to work with her The poster is for the 19th annual Vancouver International Storytelling Festival    under the artistic brilliance of Naomi Steinberg   another bright force for…

eighty : my sister’s baby makes mom so happy

rose-coloured glasses gave this picture it’s shine   blue sky   magnolia tree   even a rose-coloured car! i’m a grammy and everyone is healthy! mom and dad celebrating     and what a time to be born   in blossoms! why so happy? my sister’s baby is born!    Heiko Cedar Ingram-Ross my sister elissa and her husband patrick  …

seventy seven : massive edge landscapes

spectacular march bicycle trip on the oregon coast with allison.   characterized by unheardof snow    extremely high winds    hail    hardy days spent outdoors exploring in the company of elk, peregrines, eagles, hummingbirds, ferns.    The spotted owl and marbled murrelet remain illusive.

seventy five : lunch as art

home made turnip pickle    home roasted warm sunflower seeds    salad    grated beets    red cabbage    sunshine     ✔

seventy three : strong beautiful cyclists in my life

b:c:clettes did a photo shoot on the weekend.     while getting ready i listened to a Hugo Chavez speech     and was inspired by his words:     mobilize the human spirit thanks for taking the picture mom    i mean linda    who is lori’s mom

fifty eight : how to take a picture of sunlight

get giddy go! camera relic in hand even speedy shoes can’t go so fast nor penetrate so deeply as the sunshine bringing us all out low hanging into low-lying eddies and cracks shadows show it the smell of whitchazel proves it my head disappears and i see an early bee! stay tuned for more from…

forty four : new years resolutions

i’ve been putting off this post because it involved more sitting at the computer       which is what i’ve been doing since 2012 began. lesson about creativity     right now it is more fun for me to just make things.     i am going for a run do you want to be different?     …

thirty : two trees

trees in my neighbourhood    are things i’ve got structure stretching up, an exchange light in the morning light in the afternoon   dark most of these dark days ah   but look at us, we are beauty!

twenty four: snowy owl

i rode my bicycle to Fraser River delta and there saw a snowy owl (tho drawing is short-eared owl) picked up a strong feather there and attempt two     cut a quill pen. this time success!!! beautiful double lines. please click on picture to appreciate details! here is my beautiful instrument:

sixteen: shower curtain cover

we have a shower curtain that does not reflect house values in appearance. In practice it does reflect house values, specifically because it was salvaged from somewhere it was not needed. We took it because we needed a shower curtain. LEFT is my first attempt at designing a cover for it, which will hang on…

fourteen: my thinking is built of stones

scrap paper initially used as resist for spray paint project. mark making materials not ideal, but made with what i’ve got at the studio. i remembered to bring my eraser with me from home in my bicycle pannier, since i’ve only got one. i found these words in The Open Road by Pico Iyer. It…