forty one : walls of infinity

12 pictures in beautiful weeping wall series   we walked    and saw a wall in the school yard    took pictures.
i wonder why be a painter    pictures are speedy    pictures people like them

printed large these might match some couches out there   maybe even some couches in our east vancouver alleyways?

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  1. Old Mike says:

    These are great. I like the two that have moss in the cracks. They show how life is determined to grow even in the harshest of conditions.

  2. wheelissa says:

    very very beautiful!

  3. maman says:

    But the art is in the eye of the photographer as well as the painter. Why so cynical about matching couches? Does it matter why people want something beautiful?

    1. RedSara says:

      oooo… so true!
      Thank you for pointing out my cynicism. I can ask if it is helping me in any way? Probably NOT! ; )

  4. Walter says:

    Like these a lot Sara.

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