Wild Wee Ones: Nature Program for Toddlers and Adults

This exciting new program brings the values of Nature and Forest school to younger kids and families, right in east Vancouver.  In this small, consistent group we will explore outside together through a combination of child-led play and facilitated activities. Join us as we develop our sense of place and belonging through sense-appreciation, connection, and…

Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride

ALL WELCOME for this friendly Bike Ride on Saturday Feb 8, 2014 Meet at 4:30pm at Lakewood Drive at the Central Valley Greenway (also known as North Great Northern Way). Bring: snacks to share if you care to do so, and maybe a hot thermos for yourself. Remember warm clothes, Bike Lights, and Bring Kid-friends…

Elemental : What Stories are Made of

The story of ELEMENTAL is complex and wonderful & involves great learning for me! WHAT IS ELEMENTAL? Through the ELEMENTAL initiative, the Vancouver Society of Storytelling worked with 5 different communities in Vancouver from March 2011-June 2012. In workshops, each community created stories using different elements as their central metaphor (air, earth, water, fire, metal)….

eighty seven : leading folks in song

success!!! i led a group of community folk in a song as part of songs for birds   a public event at our neighbourhood park that i co-facilitated with my housemate Jenna. I did it. It sounded good us all joining voices together. The woodpecker nesting close by liked it too. pictures on Ant’s website

five: i will cook food for you

On the other side these tokens say:  “i will cook food for you” I made these tokens as an effort to stimulate supportive community. I was heading down to the Occupy Vancouver site, and anticipated being around many people who i had never met. My intention was to strike up a conversation with folks, talk…