Creative Action!

In less than a week Team Birds Not Bitumen has become one of the TOP   TEN   fundraising   teams!    of the Baille Birdathon.  Thank you heart-lifting friends.  And outward like ripples, several people have forwarded the resource section from my last BLOG post.  A friend sent this new song. …Read on for BIG DAY REPORT…

flowers for mom

i made some flowers for my mom   to celebrate her birthday. Lilies are her favorite. She said to me, “ah, now my lilies are not yet over for the season!” to find her treasure (the flowers) mom followed ten cryptic clues we laughed at our site-specific foibles, our love of this place, our family home,…

Q: Why practice creativity?

ANSWER: to transform old structures including:    local and global over-production and resource use     the illusion of separateness within our skin / sense of encapsulated and isolated selves     individual habit-patterns + responses     also     alienation / isolation I said something similar here old reused local from a time before vinyl or aluminum when someone…

THANKS and i miss my homies

jenna lives with me at the Beehive Collective House. She runs a school called Soaring Eagle Nature School. Ya she does! She asked me to help create a thank you card for her to give to her summer students and campers. She provided the cool stuff (buckskin, baby bird of prey skull, handmade nettle fiber…

eighty nine : up to good

here come 12 old blog posts that are yet to be created    sorry for the long lapse    i guess this has been an unannounced holiday from blogging    tho not from daily creative actions does this count?

eighty two : hot pink

prepping for a costume     where my familiar red black and shiny gets mixed with HOT PINK EEK! close inspection reveals my lovely parents captured here as i show off my new    uh   shirt

seventy seven : massive edge landscapes

spectacular march bicycle trip on the oregon coast with allison.   characterized by unheardof snow    extremely high winds    hail    hardy days spent outdoors exploring in the company of elk, peregrines, eagles, hummingbirds, ferns.    The spotted owl and marbled murrelet remain illusive.

seventy five : lunch as art

home made turnip pickle    home roasted warm sunflower seeds    salad    grated beets    red cabbage    sunshine     ✔

seventy three : strong beautiful cyclists in my life

b:c:clettes did a photo shoot on the weekend.     while getting ready i listened to a Hugo Chavez speech     and was inspired by his words:     mobilize the human spirit thanks for taking the picture mom    i mean linda    who is lori’s mom

seventy one : for mom

dad and i went walking at the park of queen elizabeth in vancouver     mom     we thought you would like these flowers   they were under a corkscrew hazlenut or somesuch

sixty five : i love birds

i love birds many of my posts feature bird art     like this one for example ⥤ these are pictures of bird things within reach of my desk i do love birds the question ¿why have i been recently exposed to pictures of birds that are dead because they ate plastic?     such as this b e…

fifty eight : how to take a picture of sunlight

get giddy go! camera relic in hand even speedy shoes can’t go so fast nor penetrate so deeply as the sunshine bringing us all out low hanging into low-lying eddies and cracks shadows show it the smell of whitchazel proves it my head disappears and i see an early bee! stay tuned for more from…

forty four : new years resolutions

i’ve been putting off this post because it involved more sitting at the computer       which is what i’ve been doing since 2012 began. lesson about creativity     right now it is more fun for me to just make things.     i am going for a run do you want to be different?     …