RedSara BIO 2011

 BIO : RedSara

Sara Ross (a.k.a. RedSara)
is a locally engaged, multi-disciplinary media and art producer with a focus on community, creativity and bicycles.

Environmental and social justice values inform her projects, which aim to connect us with each other and with the beautiful, living world around us.

At the core, Sara uses art and community organizing for social change. She is guided by her own thoughtfulness towards the ‘environment,’ and continues to find ways of lightening her impact upon it. Sara’s work opens up possibilities at a personal and cultural level for people to embrace change and find integration within their own communities and environments.

As a Community Artist Sara brings the spark of art and shared creativity into our everyday city experience through her work organizing bicycle rides, parades, community workshops and celebrations.

As a Community Organizer, Sara’s recent work centers on Collective Houses (living in intentional community within the urban environment), and Collectively-Made Environmental Art (Spirit Fish Celebration 2011).

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  1. wattstorm says:

    So is RedSara sort of like a branding? I love the posters you created by the way

    1. RedSara says:

      branding? yes i suppose it is. I’ve used it now for the last 10+years. Mostly for when i am doing community organizing work, bicycle organizing, and activism stuff. Thanks for looking at my work!!!

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