sixty seven : circle cycle

this image just wanted to come out… intuitive art!  greg the cat helped by batting my hand with his head as i was working. haha thanks greg!

fifty four : Arrrrrrrr

i made this drawing L I V E !  online with my friend cedar     who just turned 6! See one of our previous collaborations cedar moved to nelson     which is a twelve hour bus ride from vancouver    so far away we need a great ship to carry us through space and…

fifty one : like a skull

here i am posing in front of a whale skull    i requested my mom take the picture    mom is an artist too   lots of other people were taking pictures     mostly of the view. Point Reyes Seashore, Marin, California, USA.

forty six : lantern making party

can i take credit for the cuteness of kids?  mmm nope. finally some pictures from one of the lantern workshops that i coordinated    held at the Secret Lantern Headquarters. these young fellows are very skilled at making things   due to the encouragement they have received from parents who take them to community art events, and…

INVITE : Terry Lowe

regular blog viewers will already have seen this, tho not a finished version. i am posting so folks can view the INVITE through an email invite going out today.

forty : beet star

how to make pickled beets   :   salvage beets from farmers field    peel    wash    slice thinly    arrange as star for photograph    add salt with no iodine    add tiny bit water    caraway seeds    wash bucket    mix all   wash plate    make weight to rest on plate maybe another smaller bucket…

twenty six: bcclettes dance jam

we danced, we dreamed, we’re making things together!!! unfortch     bronny had already departed when we snapped this pic, so there are really five of us [LINK]

twenty five: hearth-warming collage

crafting at the Hearth House on a rainy saturday night delicious food, co-created live music and song weaving toegther a story of connection, warmth, creativity and support. ahh… the different shapes of collective houses inspire me! plus Maggie has    hands down    the best collection of fabric remnants i’ve ever seen. more about Maggie: something…

twenty: banana cat fig

Click on Photo to VIEW SLIDESHOW<– i picked the fig from a neighbourhood tree. the cat called banana picked me   and we spent some quality time on the curb, all the while me trying to get just one “good picture”. not sure why on this series. any thoughts?

eleven: parade of lost souls

Left to right: Crow, Wolverine, Owl, Goblin, Squid (aka Octipii Vancouver), Jester, and Zoro’s cousin the lightening tamer. I am including this as my creative endeavour for the day, as I put together the Owl costume in a few minutes before we went out, after spending the day finishing previous projects and completing previous posts…

nine: Terry Lowe memorial design invitation for participation

A project i am coordinating & facilitating: a memorial installation for a cycling advocate who passed unexpectedly. This is the bare-bones invitation to participate in a design gathering, where we’ill chew on the project together. Will the memorial installation appear as a future post? (This flyer is incomplete.)

seven: scarey pumpkin referencing dentist

My friend Cedar (who is 5) and i talked and sketched together to come up with this meeting of the minds. He wanted scarey, i wanted our pumpkin to reflect our recent visits to the dentist for molar fillings (also kinda scarey i think). Good colab!