forty four : new years resolutions

i’ve been putting off this post because it involved more sitting at the computer       which is what i’ve been doing since 2012 began. lesson about creativity     right now it is more fun for me to just make things.     i am going for a run

do you want to be different?      what shines in your future?

pressing my words into fine silver foil
makes a double sided book with two versions of every mark

(ok and i don’t know how to spell affect)

my product is the manipulations of the thing i make, not the thing itself.    See 13 more pictures

so i press my words into fine silver foil, starting with some general certainty, not sure what will come next.

in this way my new year imaginings begin
art making as personal and reflective process
i reveal only the starting point
which is also the opening of your eye

various light sources: green desk lamp, reflected laundry, a bicycle, sky, orange shirts, winter grasses
various modifications: increasing contrast, cropping, flipping horizontally

-click first picture to see slide show in order-

and this is what the thing really looks like:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Old Mike says:

    Nice ! ! ! I like the colors. They add richness to the images.
    Check some of the images on this website:

  2. RedSara says:

    Wowza, inspiring pictures. Gives me ideas. hmmmmm! thanks for the link.

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