THANKS and i miss my homies

jenna lives with me at the Beehive Collective House. She runs a school called Soaring Eagle Nature School. Ya she does! She asked me to help create a thank you card for her to give to her summer students and campers. She provided the cool stuff (buckskin, baby bird of prey skull, handmade nettle fiber…

fifty seven : that house again

the house resounds with a prickle prickle unspoke judge be farther found off walls off walks off into the moonlight you will soon turn into mold and dust green plants puffing pulling it down for now it sits empty white shell a crock of developers bargain doing nothing for us at all

thirty three : apology

i used the quill pen i made to invoke this drama… tho sincerely felt. FRIENDS don’t go thinking there is anything wrong in my immediate relationships! these words address an old rift between past allies wounds healed over tho scarred for some endure

twenty four: snowy owl

i rode my bicycle to Fraser River delta and there saw a snowy owl (tho drawing is short-eared owl) picked up a strong feather there and attempt two     cut a quill pen. this time success!!! beautiful double lines. please click on picture to appreciate details! here is my beautiful instrument: