my art as social practice

Chris Bentzen is a Vancouver curator, organizer, button-maker, and soon-to-be gallery owner. A few weeks ago we sat down to talk about art, and one result is this wee video. Chris releases one video weekly featuring a local Vancouver artist. Happy to be included in the roster! Good luck with your gallery opening, Chris. Interview…

invitation to mindful moment

On the banks of beautiful Still Creek in Burnaby, BC i worked with a group of community artists and the Still Moon Arts Society to create the Spirit Fish Festival. Kyira Korrigan helped me create this Invitation to Mindful Moment    which I image recreating in Stanley Park some day. INVITATION You are invited to…

Q: Why practice creativity?

ANSWER: to transform old structures including:    local and global over-production and resource use     the illusion of separateness within our skin / sense of encapsulated and isolated selves     individual habit-patterns + responses     also     alienation / isolation I said something similar here old reused local from a time before vinyl or aluminum when someone…

THANKS and i miss my homies

jenna lives with me at the Beehive Collective House. She runs a school called Soaring Eagle Nature School. Ya she does! She asked me to help create a thank you card for her to give to her summer students and campers. She provided the cool stuff (buckskin, baby bird of prey skull, handmade nettle fiber…

velodeco : make something from nothing

for the last three years i’ve had the great pleasure to create and provide the decorations for a kids bike parade. I hand-make streamers out of used plastic bags + salvaged veggie twist ties. HOW i ride my bike all over town visiting various large-chain grocery stores where people ‘recycle’ their disposable plastic bags   …

seventy nine : old art : vactor 2100

this is a Vactor 2100    drawn by myself in 2002   which is ten years ago clearly i was an artist then too   mostly judging by the words that appear on the back of this 4-part series.   I find the image itself easiest to see when i squint my eyes   and please note that i photographed…

seventy seven : massive edge landscapes

spectacular march bicycle trip on the oregon coast with allison.   characterized by unheardof snow    extremely high winds    hail    hardy days spent outdoors exploring in the company of elk, peregrines, eagles, hummingbirds, ferns.    The spotted owl and marbled murrelet remain illusive.

seventy six : 25 feet of sh#t plus discarded cedar

two bundles tied with fresh inner-bark of clear cut cedar    braided     materials gathered from logging road in fraser valley near deroche     picture taken a year ago    now i’ve got this broken measuring tape

seventy five : lunch as art

home made turnip pickle    home roasted warm sunflower seeds    salad    grated beets    red cabbage    sunshine     ✔

seventy three : strong beautiful cyclists in my life

b:c:clettes did a photo shoot on the weekend.     while getting ready i listened to a Hugo Chavez speech     and was inspired by his words:     mobilize the human spirit thanks for taking the picture mom    i mean linda    who is lori’s mom

seventy : aspire

we’ve had a film maker named Farida over to the Beehive House a few times to shoot a 6 minute profile piece about us. She asked for a shot of me making some art     this is what came out.   I wonder what it will look like on TV?

sixty seven : circle cycle

this image just wanted to come out… intuitive art!  greg the cat helped by batting my hand with his head as i was working. haha thanks greg!

sixty six : talk about it

talked about my art last night and about the astounding value of creativity at a Pecha Kucha called Recipe For Change hosted at Cherry Tree Fort Collective House 20 slides 20 seconds per slide i slid a few animations in there   shhh