eighty four : great art from sketchy beginnings


the amazing inspirational bicycle buddha Carmen Mills created this poster     based on my  sketchy fever art

Carmen is a fabulous designer and my heart is tingly for this chance to work with her

The poster is for the 19th annual Vancouver International Storytelling Festival    under the artistic brilliance of Naomi Steinberg   another bright force for connection and meaning with whom i find myself in cahoots on this project.

Ah    collaborating with stars    I asked for it    flexing my creative muscles back since post one of this blog    lucky luck

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Old Mike says:

    Great collaboration ! ! ! Wonderful poster ! ! ! Congrats ! ! !

  2. Twas a psychic collaboration! Such fun, yes, and a sublime honour to work/play in company of a chorale of creative geniuses 😉

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