Bird Language

I’ve started hearing baby birds in their nests… peeping quietly and not so quietly when their parents return with food. Join me as I visit 2 local parks and share what’s going on there this spring with the birds. I am honoured to be a guest with Earthand Gleaners, some of my very favorite makers!…

Wild Wee Ones: Nature Program for Toddlers and Adults

This exciting new program brings the values of Nature and Forest school to younger kids and families, right in east Vancouver.  In this small, consistent group we will explore outside together through a combination of child-led play and facilitated activities. Join us as we develop our sense of place and belonging through sense-appreciation, connection, and…

Creative Action!

In less than a week Team Birds Not Bitumen has become one of the TOP   TEN   fundraising   teams!    of the Baille Birdathon.  Thank you heart-lifting friends.  And outward like ripples, several people have forwarded the resource section from my last BLOG post.  A friend sent this new song. …Read on for BIG DAY REPORT…

What can we do?

This is my story of a small gift which I offer into the world. It holds love, hope and our fierce belief in a better way. The fossil-fuel-industrial-complex is a hungry and relentless bully, and it currently wants more and more and more of the river valley I live in. So the Fraser Valley has…

my art as social practice

Chris Bentzen is a Vancouver curator, organizer, button-maker, and soon-to-be gallery owner. A few weeks ago we sat down to talk about art, and one result is this wee video. Chris releases one video weekly featuring a local Vancouver artist. Happy to be included in the roster! Good luck with your gallery opening, Chris. Interview…

Elemental : What Stories are Made of

The story of ELEMENTAL is complex and wonderful & involves great learning for me! WHAT IS ELEMENTAL? Through the ELEMENTAL initiative, the Vancouver Society of Storytelling worked with 5 different communities in Vancouver from March 2011-June 2012. In workshops, each community created stories using different elements as their central metaphor (air, earth, water, fire, metal)….

velodeco : make something from nothing

for the last three years i’ve had the great pleasure to create and provide the decorations for a kids bike parade. I hand-make streamers out of used plastic bags + salvaged veggie twist ties. HOW i ride my bike all over town visiting various large-chain grocery stores where people ‘recycle’ their disposable plastic bags   …

eighty nine : up to good

here come 12 old blog posts that are yet to be created    sorry for the long lapse    i guess this has been an unannounced holiday from blogging    tho not from daily creative actions does this count?

eighty three : video beginnings

non-sequenced dance cards    aka shotlist    for a new B:C:Clettes video (did you know we have a new website?)      cards created by combined effort of Alana and Red in Hamilton, Ontario and the results?     ta daaaaaaa yes beautiful     i agree     video will feature much stop-motion animation     with stills like these    will gladly post video when…

seventy one : for mom

dad and i went walking at the park of queen elizabeth in vancouver     mom     we thought you would like these flowers   they were under a corkscrew hazlenut or somesuch

sixty four : mandala : old work

this is car crash mandala : the practice of present moment it was a performance piece that i create on the street at the encouragement of Mark Mushet of Vancouver Review Magazine in 2009   and he took the picture it was published as part of the magazine’s art centerfold. thanks Mark!

fifty nine : collective houses poster

remember this image from before? while not the final draft of the poster i am happy enough with it to let you have a look. maybe you want to attend one of the workshops?  

INVITE : Terry Lowe

regular blog viewers will already have seen this, tho not a finished version. i am posting so folks can view the INVITE through an email invite going out today.

seventeen: starhawk poster

Lucky me, i was invited to create a poster for Starhawk’s visit to Vancouver! What I’ve got now is a sore butt from sitting at my computer for 1+ days. I made black and white version of this poster, plus a two-sided handbill as well. Reminds me that I’ve made so many posters   which i…

fifteen: process at the studio

Using what i’ve got at my studio means lotsa paint, brushes, plus old wood from a failed project (the wood did nott accept paint and stain evenly). Abstract: what is the point? what are the points? exploring abstract today. took two pictures of the beginnings of this piece. Amazing how my brain continues to see,…