eighty one : fever drawing

a funny quick drawing that may get transformed for a Storytelling Festival Poster. yes i had a fever when i made it    and kiki designed the bird.

seventy : aspire

we’ve had a film maker named Farida over to the Beehive House a few times to shoot a 6 minute profile piece about us. She asked for a shot of me making some art     this is what came out.   I wonder what it will look like on TV?

sixty seven : circle cycle

this image just wanted to come out… intuitive art!  greg the cat helped by batting my hand with his head as i was working. haha thanks greg!

fifty four : Arrrrrrrr

i made this drawing L I V E !  online with my friend cedar     who just turned 6! See one of our previous collaborations cedar moved to nelson     which is a twelve hour bus ride from vancouver    so far away we need a great ship to carry us through space and…

fifty two : another pouch thing

sometimes i feel like writing things   rather than drawing or arting things   so here i wrote    then crossed six things out.

fifty : little birds say thank you

thank you cards for my friends who led interpretive walks     taught twine-making    created art with nature    talked with birds    and other goodness    at  -Spirit Fish-  a community art and environment festival i helped create last year.   see five more cards

thirty eight : short eared owl

i saw a few of these the other morning at Boundary Bay      up close and hunting during the day     as short eared owls like to do. they were fighting with northern harriers. three more process pictures

twenty four: snowy owl

i rode my bicycle to Fraser River delta and there saw a snowy owl (tho drawing is short-eared owl) picked up a strong feather there and attempt two     cut a quill pen. this time success!!! beautiful double lines. please click on picture to appreciate details! here is my beautiful instrument:

twenty three: dance dreams

what do i feel excited about working on as a bcclettes production? [LINK] i listened to music from our inspiring playlist    and sketch some thoughts to bring to the group. Reinvent the Wheel is a gift cycle where inspiration and skills are shared    passed from heart to heart. Connected, we find our true power….

eighteen: can i have your grapes, politely

Dear Neighbour, I was walking home from the election polls today when i saw your beautiful grapes! I want to offer you help in harvesting them, if you would like or need help. [give me a call if yes] I live up the street, with a family of 6. Last year we processed a few…

thirteen: subject to a security agreement…

i rode the train from Buffalo, NY to Vancouver, BC: three days in the month of October. i saw the words “2825 subject to a security agreement…” on a passing train. 1. trains are social and encourage communication between people who would not ordinarily have contact with each other. trains are lighter from an emissions…

six: tea for friends

Here we’ve got three teas for three people. The Sweet Gale was harvested in Temagami and dried on a wicker mat in the autumn sun. The Raspberry Leaf is organic from the Beehive House Garden where I live, and the Nettle Leaf is the first harvest of 2011 from an organic swamp on Vancouver Island,…

three: the fellowship of people who make things

Using the famous silver paper/foil, recycled from the offset printing process. I have SO MUCH of this stuff, and it will therefore appear in future posts i expect. Another item of note is the pink streamer from a bicycle tassel. I’ve been saving this for maybe 10 years, but never installed them on any bike,…

two: i am (not) an activist

  Didn’t feel like going to the studio, so i made this drawing while sitting on my bed at home. Working to get started, experimenting with materials i’ve got around: water-colour pencil, pen, oilstick, fingerprint, big question.