fifty eight : how to take a picture of sunlight

get giddy go!

camera relic in hand
even speedy shoes can’t go so fast nor penetrate so deeply
as the sunshine
bringing us all out

low hanging into low-lying eddies and cracks
shadows show it
the smell of whitchazel proves it
my head disappears and i see an early bee!

stay tuned for more from this series of sunshine photos…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Old Mike says:

    This is an awesome plant (tree) ! ! ! The yellow tentacles look nice against the blue sky. Keep those creative juices flowing ! ! !

  2. Sarah says:

    Witch hazel is so lovely, and so are these pictures!

  3. maman says:

    Hamamelis! Yummy!! One of the very earliest bloomers and one that wraps it’s spidery petals up tight again over and over when the temperature drops to freezing and then rises again. And exactly like capturing sunlight!

  4. maman says:

    check your sister’s blog! woo woo

  5. wheelissa says:

    I promise I didn’t copy! We must be sisters or something ❤

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