project origin story circa 2011

I feel really inspired about making art these days. It has been several years since i have had a personal art practice, in part because i’ve been busy working on collective goals and efforts.

Currently i am attempting to do some piece of art every day, or pretty close to that. I’ve already realized that i can’t finish everything in one day, so catch-up-days are not a sign of failure. Neither are creations that my internal critic might mumble to me about.
Without limiting judgement i seek to create.

My practice includes social practice. I hope my work will be multi-media and unconstrained. While i’ve worked lots in the past by setting limits for myself, this day-by-day aims to mostly remove them.  Limits may appear and disappear as this project continues, and with interest.

The name of the blog: USE WHAT YOU GOT. Aside from fasteners I hope that everything i create will be made from things that i already have, tho I am not going to be a purist about this. I am starting with what i judge to be LOTS of stuff. Some of my collections:  skills, paper, tape, crap, fabric, paint (oil, acrylic, house, water, ink, spray), car crash parts, silver foil, encyclopedia of war set, photos, feathers, string, bags, clothes.

Lastly, i hope that i am able to validate and value many of my values through this project. I’ve more-often-than-not used words in my paintings, and i’ll continue this practice as it makes sense.

Collaborations WELCOME!!! In person or digital, arranged or deranged.
redsara at gee-mail dot com