invitation to mindful moment

On the banks of beautiful Still Creek in Burnaby, BC i worked with a group of community artists and the Still Moon Arts Society to create the Spirit Fish Festival. Kyira Korrigan helped me create this Invitation to Mindful Moment    which I image recreating in Stanley Park some day. INVITATION You are invited to…

velodeco : make something from nothing

for the last three years i’ve had the great pleasure to create and provide the decorations for a kids bike parade. I hand-make streamers out of used plastic bags + salvaged veggie twist ties. HOW i ride my bike all over town visiting various large-chain grocery stores where people ‘recycle’ their disposable plastic bags   …

ninety three : a blue heart for betty

Ninety three    Betty is my friend who is 93   here she is with with my sister and heiko I sewed her this blue fuzzy heart filled with lavender   harvested from our garden in vancouver   the letter B embroidered on it is slightly raised so betty can feel it with her fingers   her eyes don’t…

seventy six : 25 feet of sh#t plus discarded cedar

two bundles tied with fresh inner-bark of clear cut cedar    braided     materials gathered from logging road in fraser valley near deroche     picture taken a year ago    now i’ve got this broken measuring tape

sixty four : mandala : old work

this is car crash mandala : the practice of present moment it was a performance piece that i create on the street at the encouragement of Mark Mushet of Vancouver Review Magazine in 2009   and he took the picture it was published as part of the magazine’s art centerfold. thanks Mark!

fifty nine : collective houses poster

remember this image from before? while not the final draft of the poster i am happy enough with it to let you have a look. maybe you want to attend one of the workshops?  

fifty seven : that house again

the house resounds with a prickle prickle unspoke judge be farther found off walls off walks off into the moonlight you will soon turn into mold and dust green plants puffing pulling it down for now it sits empty white shell a crock of developers bargain doing nothing for us at all

fifty five : evening on bird street

all hanging about being social n visiting on the porch      bird silhouette foreshadows more good things to come may le zizzle! loos lik owl be cominin! brazaaaaah… here begins the new poster for    Vancouver Collective House Network‘s upcoming series of workshops in March.

forty four : new years resolutions

i’ve been putting off this post because it involved more sitting at the computer       which is what i’ve been doing since 2012 began. lesson about creativity     right now it is more fun for me to just make things.     i am going for a run do you want to be different?     …

forty two : tasty bread

leftover potato bread          was delicious for breakfast this morning! potatoes were salvaged from farmers fields…

forty : beet star

how to make pickled beets   :   salvage beets from farmers field    peel    wash    slice thinly    arrange as star for photograph    add salt with no iodine    add tiny bit water    caraway seeds    wash bucket    mix all   wash plate    make weight to rest on plate maybe another smaller bucket…

thirty three : apology

i used the quill pen i made to invoke this drama… tho sincerely felt. FRIENDS don’t go thinking there is anything wrong in my immediate relationships! these words address an old rift between past allies wounds healed over tho scarred for some endure

thirty two : chickadee

Sensitive Viewer Warning one of these things you will like. one of these things you will not like.

twenty nine : new used journal

use what you got and make it better! DIY redo on an outdated journal cover. inside is 10% full = lots more using. outside this cover no longer reflects where i am at subtle transformation used paper collage softens    changes the messaging i like it better now    especially as it fills with current…

twenty eight : gaaaah silver paper takes over

what’s new is that tonite i had   figure it all out urge   taking over scribbling up my chest and mind and heart then i picked up my fatblack oil stick and silver paper… see the series of 11 photographs…

twenty five: hearth-warming collage

crafting at the Hearth House on a rainy saturday night delicious food, co-created live music and song weaving toegther a story of connection, warmth, creativity and support. ahh… the different shapes of collective houses inspire me! plus Maggie has    hands down    the best collection of fabric remnants i’ve ever seen. more about Maggie: something…