seventy : aspire

we’ve had a film maker named Farida over to the Beehive House a few times to shoot a 6 minute profile piece about us. She asked for a shot of me making some art     this is what came out.   I wonder what it will look like on TV?

fifty two : another pouch thing

sometimes i feel like writing things   rather than drawing or arting things   so here i wrote    then crossed six things out.

thirty eight : short eared owl

i saw a few of these the other morning at Boundary Bay      up close and hunting during the day     as short eared owls like to do. they were fighting with northern harriers. three more process pictures

twenty eight : gaaaah silver paper takes over

what’s new is that tonite i had   figure it all out urge   taking over scribbling up my chest and mind and heart then i picked up my fatblack oil stick and silver paper… see the series of 11 photographs…