– Jan 26 2012 –

as an artist what is my product?

i am a primary producer        creating ideas, culture, practices, objects, relationships.
i see possibilities emerging from habits and unquestioned assumptions.
i believe i have a responsibility to my world      and to all beings in it.
i aim to use my creativity in service of

  • equality

  • compassion

  • hope

  • inter-dependence

  • love

about a quarter of a year into creating this blog    i am happier    i have succeeded in bringing more active creativity into my life    i notice myself responding to situations differently     i trust my impulses enough to blurt them out into the world     i can generate creative ideas with more grace and ease    this is fun

o my goodness i am so serious! isn’t it lovely?

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  1. Old Mike says:

    Keep up the blogging ! ! ! I look forward to them ;o)

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