vision! the Leap Manifesto

this is an inspiring poster for an inspiring project! I did not design it, but I’m glad to share it.    

What can we do?

This is my story of a small gift which I offer into the world. It holds love, hope and our fierce belief in a better way. The fossil-fuel-industrial-complex is a hungry and relentless bully, and it currently wants more and more and more of the river valley I live in. So the Fraser Valley has…

twenty three: dance dreams

what do i feel excited about working on as a bcclettes production? [LINK] i listened to music from our inspiring playlist    and sketch some thoughts to bring to the group. Reinvent the Wheel is a gift cycle where inspiration and skills are shared    passed from heart to heart. Connected, we find our true power….

seventeen: starhawk poster

Lucky me, i was invited to create a poster for Starhawk’s visit to Vancouver! What I’ve got now is a sore butt from sitting at my computer for 1+ days. I made black and white version of this poster, plus a two-sided handbill as well. Reminds me that I’ve made so many posters   which i…

twelve: useful to others

the Library = resource sharing! I’ve got a library card, and a bicycle to get me there. Ah, the wealth! From the Vancouver Public Library i borrowed several books on lettering and calligraphy. Also old-school: how to make a feather quill pen. This image is made this with a metal-tipped dip pen, plus charcoal.


Started at the studio and dove into my box of Encyclopedia of Weapons of War. I think I have the full set of 24, or almost the full set anyways. Every time i think about using it i stop because it seems horrible, like dwelling in the ‘wound.’ No one would like what i make…