sixteen: shower curtain cover

we have a shower curtain that does not reflect house values in appearance.

In practice it does reflect house values, specifically because it was salvaged from somewhere it was not needed. We took it because we needed a shower curtain.

LEFT is my first attempt at designing a cover for it, which will hang on the outside. it is from my collection of sheer fabrics.

note the umbrella pieces salvaged from a campaign umbrella. David Eby would be proud!


RIGHT is attempt two, the winning design. these fabrics were selected to allow the maximum amount of light to penetrate into the shower, to reduce need for using artificial light.

i’ve ironed the fabric, now i need to find time to sew this project together. will update with more pictures when finished.

so glad to use this fabric… no doubt some of it is vintage, and has been in my possession for years!

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