sixty five : i love birds

i love birds

many of my posts feature bird art     like this one for example

⥤ these are pictures of bird things within reach of my desk

i do love birds

the question

¿why have i been recently exposed to pictures of birds that are dead because they ate plastic?     such as this b e a u t i f u l  4 minute (sensitive viewer warning) video trailer     and the presentation i watched last night

i love birds
i experience angry
single use products are


cat.bird.funny from Sara Ross on Vimeo. 12 seconds.

May i present… one ❝symptom❞ of single use things

pictures taken last night in feeling of anger
two blocks of recycling      normal      in my neighbourhood.

it made me feel sad looking at the ways we have adapted to survive     drinking milk from somewheres somecows     crushing cans of pea soup night after night by ourselves     tomato sauce tomato sauce tomato sauce     newspaper tells us whats happening     dead fish in cans     plastic     so much plastic

i send my love to the mountains and to all people who are doing their best at this very moment to survive    which likely includes just about everyone

i send my love      as Chris Jordan’s film trailer says      to those of us who have the courage to face the realities of our time     and who allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms us and our future

brave spirits of the earth and downtrodden     thank you    you are my heart

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  1. Old Mike says:

    Convicting :o/

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