thirty eight : short eared owl

i saw a few of these the other morning at Boundary Bay      up close and hunting during the day     as short eared owls like to do. they were fighting with northern harriers. three more process pictures

thirty : two trees

trees in my neighbourhood    are things i’ve got structure stretching up, an exchange light in the morning light in the afternoon   dark most of these dark days ah   but look at us, we are beauty!

twenty eight : gaaaah silver paper takes over

what’s new is that tonite i had   figure it all out urge   taking over scribbling up my chest and mind and heart then i picked up my fatblack oil stick and silver paper… see the series of 11 photographs…

twenty: banana cat fig

Click on Photo to VIEW SLIDESHOW<– i picked the fig from a neighbourhood tree. the cat called banana picked me   and we spent some quality time on the curb, all the while me trying to get just one “good picture”. not sure why on this series. any thoughts?

nineteen: this land is land

in the parking lot it feels like this land is land coated with mashed leaves   hard surface obscured squelch squelch my boots and bones know what is beneath i can see my breath