eighty three : video beginnings


non-sequenced dance cards    aka shotlist    for a new B:C:Clettes video (did you know we have a new website?)      cards created by combined effort of Alana and Red in Hamilton, Ontario

and the results?     ta daaaaaaa

yes beautiful     i agree     video will feature much stop-motion animation     with stills like these    will gladly post video when complete

NOTE    bron and donna c were both sick on filming day     uug     valiant efforting

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Old Mike says:

    Anxious to see the video ! ! ! The still pics are so cool, with the reds and pink colors. The guy in the bottom photo with the knit cap seems “sketchy” to me. LOL

  2. maman says:

    I so agree with “Old Mike” about that “sketchy” guy, but man, does that guy have style!! Talk about air-born!

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