Bird Language

I’ve started hearing baby birds in their nests… peeping quietly and not so quietly when their parents return with food.

Three video’s fresh from editing that give my overview to Bird Language.

Join me as I visit 2 local parks and share what’s going on there this spring with the birds. I am honoured to be a guest with Earthand Gleaners, some of my very favorite makers!

Upcoming: the Spectacular Dawn Chorus, virtual presentation on Thur May 21

Join us to learn about who is singing so early in the morning, and what they are singing about (Intro to Bird Language). With Still Moon Arts

In time I will assemble a retrospective of Crow Rides, some big, small, sunny, foggy, and even hail. Through it all: CROWS.

I’ve been hosting this ride for years and I love it, particularly how many families participate now. With Still Moon Arts

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