twenty six: bcclettes dance jam

we danced, we dreamed, we’re making things together!!! unfortch     bronny had already departed when we snapped this pic, so there are really five of us [LINK]

twenty five: hearth-warming collage

crafting at the Hearth House on a rainy saturday night delicious food, co-created live music and song weaving toegther a story of connection, warmth, creativity and support. ahh… the different shapes of collective houses inspire me! plus Maggie has    hands down    the best collection of fabric remnants i’ve ever seen. more about Maggie: something…

twenty four: snowy owl

i rode my bicycle to Fraser River delta and there saw a snowy owl (tho drawing is short-eared owl) picked up a strong feather there and attempt two     cut a quill pen. this time success!!! beautiful double lines. please click on picture to appreciate details! here is my beautiful instrument:

twenty three: dance dreams

what do i feel excited about working on as a bcclettes production? [LINK] i listened to music from our inspiring playlist    and sketch some thoughts to bring to the group. Reinvent the Wheel is a gift cycle where inspiration and skills are shared    passed from heart to heart. Connected, we find our true power….

twenty one: rubber bands

so many rubber bands in the kitchen. trendy organic produce attach custom rubber to plastic label. GARBAGE! but now i’ve got it. brought to you from the back door [LINK] also, trying out above new fontsize. do you have an opinion? leave a comment. (bonus)

twenty: banana cat fig

Click on Photo to VIEW SLIDESHOW<– i picked the fig from a neighbourhood tree. the cat called banana picked me   and we spent some quality time on the curb, all the while me trying to get just one “good picture”. not sure why on this series. any thoughts?

nineteen: this land is land

in the parking lot it feels like this land is land coated with mashed leaves   hard surface obscured squelch squelch my boots and bones know what is beneath i can see my breath

eighteen: can i have your grapes, politely

Dear Neighbour, I was walking home from the election polls today when i saw your beautiful grapes! I want to offer you help in harvesting them, if you would like or need help. [give me a call if yes] I live up the street, with a family of 6. Last year we processed a few…

seventeen: starhawk poster

Lucky me, i was invited to create a poster for Starhawk’s visit to Vancouver! What I’ve got now is a sore butt from sitting at my computer for 1+ days. I made black and white version of this poster, plus a two-sided handbill as well. Reminds me that I’ve made so many posters   which i…

sixteen: shower curtain cover

we have a shower curtain that does not reflect house values in appearance. In practice it does reflect house values, specifically because it was salvaged from somewhere it was not needed. We took it because we needed a shower curtain. LEFT is my first attempt at designing a cover for it, which will hang on…

fifteen: process at the studio

Using what i’ve got at my studio means lotsa paint, brushes, plus old wood from a failed project (the wood did nott accept paint and stain evenly). Abstract: what is the point? what are the points? exploring abstract today. took two pictures of the beginnings of this piece. Amazing how my brain continues to see,…

fourteen: my thinking is built of stones

scrap paper initially used as resist for spray paint project. mark making materials not ideal, but made with what i’ve got at the studio. i remembered to bring my eraser with me from home in my bicycle pannier, since i’ve only got one. i found these words in The Open Road by Pico Iyer. It…

thirteen: subject to a security agreement…

i rode the train from Buffalo, NY to Vancouver, BC: three days in the month of October. i saw the words “2825 subject to a security agreement…” on a passing train. 1. trains are social and encourage communication between people who would not ordinarily have contact with each other. trains are lighter from an emissions…

twelve: useful to others

the Library = resource sharing! I’ve got a library card, and a bicycle to get me there. Ah, the wealth! From the Vancouver Public Library i borrowed several books on lettering and calligraphy. Also old-school: how to make a feather quill pen. This image is made this with a metal-tipped dip pen, plus charcoal.

eleven: parade of lost souls

Left to right: Crow, Wolverine, Owl, Goblin, Squid (aka Octipii Vancouver), Jester, and Zoro’s cousin the lightening tamer. I am including this as my creative endeavour for the day, as I put together the Owl costume in a few minutes before we went out, after spending the day finishing previous projects and completing previous posts…

ten: start a blog

Today i am setting up my blog so that others can see my work. It will take me a few days to get caught up, as some of the pieces remain un-documented. I’ll head over to the studio this afternoon and hope there is enough natural light on this rainy afternoon. Sharing is caring!

nine: Terry Lowe memorial design invitation for participation

A project i am coordinating & facilitating: a memorial installation for a cycling advocate who passed unexpectedly. This is the bare-bones invitation to participate in a design gathering, where we’ill chew on the project together. Will the memorial installation appear as a future post? (This flyer is incomplete.)

eight: used note cards

Made from the drawings that my 5 year old friend and i made together. i’ll use them to write notes to the friends who are receiving tea. Definitely, use what you got!

seven: scarey pumpkin referencing dentist

My friend Cedar (who is 5) and i talked and sketched together to come up with this meeting of the minds. He wanted scarey, i wanted our pumpkin to reflect our recent visits to the dentist for molar fillings (also kinda scarey i think). Good colab!