eighteen: can i have your grapes, politely

Dear Neighbour,

I was walking home from the election polls today when i saw your beautiful grapes! I want to offer you help in harvesting them, if you would like or need help. [give me a call if yes]

I live up the street, with a family of 6. Last year we processed a few hundred pounds of saurkraut! I am also an artist so I made you this card. If you already have plans for your grapes you can ignore this note.

Happy thanksgiving, and happy harvest!



background is that we’ve had our first hard frost, & expecting another this evening. Leaves have mostly dropped, showing off remainder fruit hanging ready on trees and vines around the hood.
I’ve heard leaving grapes on the vine for a frost ups the sugar content? but if they are left too long after a frost they will rot on the vine. Also, that the sugar content of grapes actually prevents them from freezing at temperatures that cause the leaves to freeze and fall. Anyhoo… i’d like to save these grapes from rotting, so i dropped off this card and note for the residents (who look like they’ve been away for at least a week).

i wish i could use what you’ve got!

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  1. RedSara says:

    sadly… or perhaps not the grapes were already spoken for by a friend of the family.

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