Foraging Summer Sweetness


Do you recognize or have relationships with any plants that grow around us? I’m currently energized by hosting a Community Guild with Earthand Gleaners where we are investigating micro-local seasonal wild foods: ways to recognize, harvest, enjoy, and preserve these gifts for ourselves and others. We share the foragers ethical code, which means we take care and nurture: give back to the land. 

In building relationships with local wild plants we deepen our awareness of place and grow our sense of belonging. How are we transformed as we pay deep attention to change, ripeness, and summer’s perfect offerings? Plant foods, teas, berries, fruits, roots, seeds, nuts.

This group aims to build human connections as well. As we are each comfortable we take turns sharing our investigations creatively with the group at bi-weekly sessions. Drawings, photographs, stories, researches, tasty treats… we’ll learn from the work and inspiration of others.

These pictures are part of our first session which was last night.

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