Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride

Crow Roost Ride 2013 INVITE

for this friendly Bike Ride
on Saturday Feb 2
Meet at 4pm
Lakewood Drive at the Central Valley Greenway
(also known as North Great Northern Way).
Bring: snacks to share if you care to do so,
and maybe a hot thermos for yourself.
Remember warm clothes,
Bike Lights, and
Bring Kid-friends too.

See below for more information, and alternate start locations.

-article adapted from Renfrew Collingwood Community News, Jan 2013

So Many Crows, Where Do They Go?

The answer is to their roost on the banks of Still Creek, where Vancouver meets Burnaby. Join the Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride on Saturday February 2nd to find out more, and to experience the famous crow roost for yourself.

“Being at the roost is a completely energizing and incredible experience”, says ride leader Sara Ross. “Last time I was there I could not believe how the birds just kept coming and coming and coming. It was as if the air above still creek became an ever-flowing river of crows, all arriving home for the night. It’s such a crow community celebration, I love it.”

Local experts estimate the number of crows spending the night at the Still Creek Roost to be upwards of 20,000 birds. Despite being pushed into ever-smaller pieces of viable roost habitat by development, crows seem to have adapted to their small piece of Still Creek near Gilmore. They return night after night and come from absolutely all over the lower mainland.

Still Creek runs from its’ headwaters near Slocan Park into Burnaby before flowing into the Fraser River. Decades of efforts to repair the once severely polluted Still Creek have been paying off, this year seeing the first sizable return of Chum Salmon.

Crows, unlike Salmon, easily thrive in the urban conditions we’ve created, favoring flat open areas similar to shoreline, which would have been their native habitat. That translates into crows loving parks, parking lots, lawns, rooftops. Crows are very smart and adaptable. They also have complex family groupings, and the adolescent birds help their parents raise the next generation of young. There is lots of cooperation.

Ross, a local artist, bird-lover, and bicycle organizer, will be leading the FREE family- friendly bicycle ride on Saturday, February 2nd to visit the crow roost. (Rain Date February 9, check for last minute ride changes and confirmation).

Travelling like a murder of crows, perhaps with some friendly chatting and squawking along the way, the Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride will follow the path of Still Creek eastward. The route is 98% on separated bike routes along the Central Valley Greenway.

Ross says, “You can expect to be amazed by the experience of flying on your bike with the crows towards the roost, and then we’ll quiet down as we arrive. Maybe the crows will recognize us as fellow quiet flyers on our bikes?”

This ride is part of Reflecting Still Creek, a larger program created by Still Moon Arts that aims to connect people with the creek, and with our local environment by spending time near, and enjoying Still Creek. Learn more at

More Crow Info
Burnaby Now Article LINK
Vancouver Province Article LINK

Ride Details: Saturday, Feb 2
in case of rain date: Saturday Feb 9

Choose your start location

LONGER RIDE (4km one way distance): Meet at 4pm at Lakewood Drive at the Central Valley Greenway (also known as North Great Northern Way)
SHORTER RIDE (2.5km one way distance): Meet at 4:15pm outside of Renfrew Skytrain Station
Note that bikes are allowed on Skytrain for your return journey if desired. All riders and abilities are welcome on this ride.
Assistance is available for people with unique mobility needs who wish to join the ride through tandems, chariots or loaner bikes. Please inquire in advance of Ride Leader Sara Ross at
Don’t forget to bring very very warm clothing including gloves, and lights for your bike for the return journey. And if possible bring a few home-made snacks to share, and a thermos of something warm to drink for yourself?

9 Comments Add yours

  1. joanne/maman says:

    This will be a fantastic exploration. I wish I could go too!! I’ve seen that evening migration when in Vancouver and always wondered where they all were going. Do they all know just where to go or is it a different place each night and who decides! Do they fly in the same groups every time. What wonders do they see, coming and going? Lovely idea to join them. I wish I could too!! Missing you Sara!

  2. joanne/maman says:

    How could I forget-amazing poster and photograph!

  3. Belinda says:

    I really want to do with this with my son, he’s with his dad this weekend. when’s the next one! Fantastic poster by the way.

  4. Poverty stricken single mom and five year old daughter packed a sandwich to walk from Bond Strret and Inman Ave to watch the crows come home – 70 years ago. Thanks for the memories!

    1. RedSara says:

      and you! Thank you for sharing your memory. I can not imagine how different it was back then.

  5. I’m so sorry I missed this! When will the next one be?

    1. RedSara says:

      It is about now that the crows begin the first signs of nesting, when they stop returning to the nest but rather stay on home turf through the night. This means numbers at the roost decline through the spring and summer. I think we’ll ride again next winter. If you want to go just follow the Central Valley Greenway east until Gilmore. The birds hang out there, along the banks of Still Creek. It’s cawesome!

  6. babble on says:

    Hey RedSara!
    What a great idea! Crows and Ravens are such remarkable song birds, and they’re supersmart, too.

    I learned of this after the event… the man and I would love to have joined in, and we’d bring friends, too. Please let me know when you decide to do another one.


  7. colleenmacd says:

    I love this idea of a ride…will you do it again? Please do let me know … I would love to post it on my family bike blog:

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