launching a new creative project?

I’ve been finishing up a proposal for a Course that I hope to offer next term at the Gallery Gachet Art School, co-facilitated with my rad friend Caleb.


Transform: Active Creativity for Personal & Social Change

The backbone of this course is that we agree to make art, or to do something creative every day (or every other day). Creativity takes bravery, and a willingness to be vulnerable as we learn to see and experience reality directly, and then to act to transform this reality in some way through our actions.

Using a combination of discipline and gentleness, as well as by locating our creative practice within a supportive community context, we vastly increase our odds of success and of realizing our intentions.



I’ll probably do more promo here, but for now I include the drawing I did this morning, as I contemplated re-engaging with this daily creative practice thing… that if you follow this blog you’ll know I’ve not been doing recently. I prefer my mindfullness practice on my meditation cushion these days.

I do believe approaching daily creative practice within a group context will be super cool, and I am genuinely excited to support others in this work that has been so transformative for me. And i guess jumping back in too!


More about Gallery Gachet, from their current show catalog:

Collective Habitat 1997 – 2012 | ART-i-FACT: 88 East Cordova

For 15 years, this building/Gallery Gachet site has been home to diverse and unusual artists; it bears witness to creative engagement with art against oppression, paradigms of self-taught vs. school taught, politically motivated art, art borne of abuse and marginalization, inclusive art, and art revealing the power dynamics within contemporary art practice and institutions. Gachet’s contributions are unusual, subversive and underrepresented. In the development of the knowledge exchange concerning art, Gachet engages mental diversity, inclusivity issues and intersections of oppression. Vision, reality and artistic output have an intimate relationship with perspective and socially-defined definitions of sanity and competence. As we move into a more expansive and accepting climate in the contemporary art world in Canada – one that is warming to Outsider art, ability-iconoclasm and political art – Collective Habitat creates an artistic and theoretical record of Gallery Gachet’s participation in this zeitgeist.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Old Mike says:

    Anxious to see what creative art comes from the course ! ! !

  2. makes me wished i still lived in vancouver so i could take part! hope they accept yous.

    1. RedSara says:

      oooo pumpkin pirate i miss you and love you, i know what you mean. what about distance-creative-peer-support. maybe we can launch a sattelite? ; )

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