seventy nine : old art : vactor 2100


this is a Vactor 2100    drawn by myself in 2002   which is ten years ago
clearly i was an artist then too   mostly judging by the words that appear on the back of this 4-part series.   I find the image itself easiest to see when i squint my eyes   and please note that i photographed it on my sisters ironing board last week    ten years ago my sister was 21 years old

in 2002 i mailed Vactor 2100 to her in four pieces    canadian domestic mail stamps cost 47¢ and the cards feature a Pierre Trudeau, a Victorian Order of Nurses, a Bluefin Tuna, and a Nunavut stamp. i mailed it in this order:

Here is an excerpt from cards 3 & 4:

“the other day i awoke to a loud industrial noise in my neighbourhood. i also imagine a subtle pulsation of the ground : as a mild QUAKE. in my [tank top] morning i walked into the studio and pulled back the curtains. work   men   in   the   AM…”

and as con’t on card 4:

“work men in the AM, but not just that.
¡A PULSATING VACTOR 2100! outside my very window. i started rushing about. breathing. flinging limbs. The meaning of life. So clear as rendered in red china marker on the back of an old poster.   Tear up the street.   Suck shit up.   wake the world.   Look at Vactor.   Pulse.   Throb.   Tubes and containment vessels.   i   hold   your   shit.”


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  1. Old Mike says:

    Fun ! ! ! I like it.

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