sun turning inspiration


water bucket shadow I

my heart is full of gratitude!

The Sun comes to us, giving rise to all life.  We are a result of the Suns energy.  We are mostly fooled, thinking we are separate from the sun but really how can we be?

If you are like me      -that is living in the North-      now we are tipped away from the Sun.  It lies low on the horizon, casting looong shadows, beautiful weak light shines straight in our eyes.

I yearn to mark this time… when the sun appears to stand still and the light begins its return.  oh Solstice

Cold finger tips
Moon lies on calm dusky lake
Such short days!

In point form:
* We are of this sun.
* We are at the turning of the dark days and the return to light
* a midst all the pressures and truths of our days I think it is important to notice.

For my awareness, the sun, and these truths I am deeply grateful,
and I am wondering if you are too?

water bucket shadow II

creative spirit needs community to collaborate

Life with a ten month old baby means scarce art time, yet here is my creative spirit.  Walking with baby I see long shadows from water buckets, solstice is near.

A blessed friend has asked me, ‘Sara, where is your art community?’

If you can,
if you feel it,
please collaborate
with my solstice offering.

maybe you make a small drawing or words or photos? or?
please send it to me [redsara @ gmail dot com] and I will post it here on December 30th (your deadline).  I will be thrilled with one, or even the thought of one, or even the spark of a moment where your thought lights up with lightreturns or sunconnection creative inspiration!

water bucket shadow III

About my new name

In April after studying for much more than a year, I took what are known as Buddhist Lay Vows.  As part of this ceremony I was given a Buddhist name by my teachers.

My name is Jizan Kakugyo, which translates to Compassionate Mountain, Awakening Action.  The small red seal in the art pieces is a version of my name.


it’s a lot to live into this new name.

Connect with earth and sun, and see our interdependent nature.  The threads of my life, nature connection, mindfulness, supportive community and community practice, all come together here and now.  Expansion arrives with my offering to you here.

As the moon reflects in calm water, as the bottom falls out of the bucket, as the shadow is long and the baby sleeps, here we are together.

I choose connection, presence, and gratitude.

Happy solstice to each of you!
Love Jizan RedSara

9 Comments Add yours

  1. carmenmills says:

    Hey hat, at 8:49 the sun returns! tomorrow we get 8 hrs 11 min and 1 second of daylight … that is 1 second more than today. what a gift, that moment.

    hey i’m unexpectedly facilitating the YU tonight … and have made flourless peanut butter cookies … what would it be like, if red sara made a surprise appearance?!? oh yeah, you’re in tofino, nevermind … will hold you in the circle, in spirit.

    oh hey the euro’s closed for the holidays but WE ARE STILL ON for thursday brekkie. somewhere.

    i love you so much!

    Roshin Carmen

    1. RedSara says:

      I second more!!! YES

  2. Belinda says:

    Love this, words, quiet imagery, presence of yoyr son I these small precise art pieces, well placed meandering thoughts of now. I would like to contribute a piece of writing….but maybe…is it appropriate? It has sorrow in it, as well as acceptance and hope….
    Love Belinda

    1. RedSara says:

      Beautiful Belinda, yes please contribute your wonderful words, always so moving, honest and inspirational.

  3. sproutingfeathers says:

    Sara! I haven’t seen you in forever, not sure if you remember me (Nicole from Spartacus days). So nice to see you and be able to follow you here. Looks like you’re on a beautiful path, as always.<3

    1. RedSara says:

      Yes! Why do I think you are back in Vancouver? Are you back in Vancouver?
      Thanks for the note.

      1. sproutingfeathers says:

        I am. I moved back early September and then took off to Peru for a month. It’s really lovely to be back.

  4. scrambler27 says:

    Beautiful images. I can’t decide which one I like best they are all so good! I had no idea you had this talent. Love to collaborate. I’ll see if I have an appropriate photo to send you.

    1. RedSara says:

      😉 yes! send a photo, wonderful.
      Thanks for the note.

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