fifty : part two


about a quarter of a year into creating this blog    i am happier    i have succeeded in bringing more active creativity into my life    i notice myself responding to situations differently     i trust my impulses enough to blurt them out into the world     i can generate creative ideas with more grace and ease    this is fun

i see directions   many possibilities are presenting   lucky me    lucky world

my brief current thoughts on creativity

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  1. wheelissa says:

    I really like the idea of blogging as blurting…. I’m glad you are doing so ❤

  2. wheelissa says:

    Also this painting is an oldie but a real goodie, and you are a creative punctuator.

  3. wheelissa says:

    I’ll stop commenting soon, I promise, but as a final note I want to add that wordpress deleted my creative punctuation in the previous comment: I feel that my blanks have been censored.

  4. RedSara says:

    lol… i know what you mean. WP often deletes spaces, and spaces between paragraphs too. sometimes i just stop fighting it!
    Mraow, thanks for looking!

  5. That image is fantastic – in fact all the images are fantastic (followed the link). I love your art, and the language is great too. Thanks for sharing!

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