thirty four : lanterns

Look at these beautiful lanterns we built for Winter Solstice Lantern Festival!

this weekend i facilitated a workshop with the Secret Lantern Society, in preparation for the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival happening on Dec 21. I am managing one of the venues, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens in Vancouver.

Thanks to Nikoletta for this picture. She was volunteering for the advance lantern workshops at the Roundhouse.

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  1. Old Mike says:

    How FUN ! ! ! These look cool, and I bet they look fantastic lighted. [who’s the guy in the background?]

    1. RedSara says:

      That’s Paul. I think he’s kinda shy. He created a beautiful lantern that he’s going to use for the Lantern Festival tomorrow night… longest night of the year!

  2. wheelissa says:

    Is that papier mache? I have way too little papier mache in my life.

  3. RedSara says:

    I love your blog sis!!! So happy to see the joys and keep up a bit. Am I allowed to say it here?

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